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Guide to the 2023 - 2027 Chicago City Council

New council member

Meet the new city council, which enters its second century under the 50-ward system with a younger and more diverse bunch moving Chicago government further to the left along with progressive Mayor Brandon Johnson. The new guard includes 16 fresh faces since 2019 and nearly doubles the number of members in their 30s compared to four years ago, driving down the average age in the chamber by almost four years to 47. Latino representation rises to an all-time high of 14 members, matching the number of white alderpersons — a roster that’s down to an all-time low. Trail-blazing Asian American representation doubles to two members, including the city’s first Filipino American to lead a ward, while Black Council membership remains at 20. Nine members identify as LGBTQ+ — yet another record — and 18 women hold seats, tied for the most ever. Members are listed numerically by ward.

List of City Council Members

Ward 1
Daniel La Spata, 42 years old
42 years old

Democratic Socialist and former Friends of the Parks employee won slim majority to avoid a runoff for reelection. Wants to put surveillance cameras on CTA buses and other city property to catch -- and ticket -- drivers blocking bike lanes, crosswalks, loading zones.

Ward 2
Brian Hopkins, 61 years old
61 years old

Former director of the Illinois Coalition to End Homelessness and ex-chief of staff to Cook County Commissioner John Daley has run unopposed in both reelection campaigns. Staunch opponent of Bally’s casino deal and downtown NASCAR race. Backed Paul Vallas for mayor.

Ward 3
Pat Dowell, 66 years old
66 years old

Likely big winner in Council reorganization after pivotal endorsement of Johnson, who chose her to chair powerful Finance Committee. Short-lived Democratic primary campaign for Illinois secretary of state preceded failed bid to succeed retiring U.S. Rep. Bobby Rush. Former city planner and community activist.

Ward 4
Lamont Robinson, 41 years old
41 years old

Insurance agent and three-term state representative is first openly gay Black man in Council history. Backed by Gov. J.B. Pritzker and Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle to replace Sophia King, who gave up seat to run for mayor.

Ward 5
Desmon Yancy, 51 years old
51 years old

Senior organizer for the Inner-City Muslim Action Network won runoff to replace retiring Ald. Leslie Hairston. The son of a Chicago police officer, he led groups that spurred the creation of the city’s civilian commission tasked with selecting the next police superintendent.

Ward 6
William Hall, 38 years old
38 years old

St. James Community Church pastor and Rainbow PUSH field director won runoff with support from the Chicago Teachers Union, Pritzker, Johnson and former Ald. Roderick Sawyer, who stepped down to run for mayor. Son of a Chicago Public Schools teacher and staffer.

Ward 7
Gregory Mitchell, 54 years old
54 years old

Former accountant and financial analyst at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange ran unopposed for a third term. Lightfoot ally who supported her failed effort to sue gang members for their assets. Volunteers as a baseball coach for high schoolers and Little Leaguers.

Ward 8
Michelle Harris, 61 years old
61 years old

Protégé of Cook County Board President John Stroger, appointed by Mayor Richard M. Daley and easily won next five elections. One of three Council ringleaders of largely failed proposal that would’ve taken committee picks from mayor’s hands. Lightfoot’s floor leader, backed Vallas in runoff.

Ward 9
Anthony Beale, 55 years old
55 years old

Second-longest tenured alderperson has pushed for greater Council independence from mayoral influence, but was iced out of leadership in early version of his colleagues’ proposed power grab. Lightfoot critic who backed Vallas. Former computer data analyst and community activist.

Ward 10
Peter Chico, 40 years old
40 years old

Chicago police officer won runoff to replace retiring Ald. Susan Sadlowski Garza. Previously worked for United Way and in child welfare services. Cousin of former Chicago Board of Education president Gery Chico. Son of a retired steel worker.

Ward 11
Nicole Lee, 48 years old
48 years old

First Asian American woman and first Chinese American to serve in Council. Appointed by Lightfoot, forced into runoff that she won handily. Former United Airlines executive with close ties to Daley family. Whitney Young High School, University of Chicago grad backed Vallas.

Ward 12
Julia Ramirez, 32 years old
32 years old

Community organizer and CPS social worker who lost a brother to gun violence, her top campaign issue. Won in February against appointed Ald. Anabel Abarca, who only held seat for a few months after George Cardenas moved up to county office. Supported Johnson.

Ward 13
Marty Quinn, 48 years old
48 years old

Former staffer and longtime loyalist to indicted ex-Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan, who shares office space and remains Democratic ward committeeperson. Voted against Lightfoot’s last three budgets and pushes for more police funding, rarely talks on Council floor.

Ward 14
Jeylú Gutiérrez, 35 years old
35 years old

Ward’s first Latina leader — and first not named Burke in 70 years, including record 54-year tenure of indicted ex-Ald. Ed Burke, who took his dad’s seat early in the Nixon Administration. Former CPS counselor and district director for Cook County Commissioner Alma Anaya.

Ward 15
Raymond Lopez, 44 years old
44 years old

Relished role as thorn in Lightfoot’s side, likely to reprise it with Johnson. Launched brief mayoral bid before backing Vallas in runoff. Longtime proponent of Council independence, he still slammed colleagues’ lame-duck power grab. Now a senior member of Council's LGBT Caucus.

Ward 16
Stephanie Coleman, 36 years old
36 years old

Progressive Caucus member cruised to reelection with 77.5% of the vote. Elected 16th Ward Democratic committeeperson in 2016. Studied business and nonprofit management. Daughter of former Ald. Shirley Coleman, who lost the seat in 2007, and Pastor David Coleman.

Ward 17
David Moore, 57 years old
57 years old

Former corporate accountant led push to rename Lake Shore Drive for Jean Baptiste Point DuSable. Worked for Chicago Housing Authority and Aviation Department. Uncontested for third term after failed Democratic primary bid for Illinois secretary of state. Backed Vallas in runoff.

Ward 18
Derrick Curtis, 54 years old
54 years old

Concealed carry class instructor accidentally shot himself in wrist while cleaning neighbor’s gun, months before daughter suffered leg wound during his class. Was Lightfoot ally, but ditched her when she failed to reach out during hospitalizations. Former precinct captain cruised to third term. Backed Vallas.

Ward 19
Matthew O’Shea, 53 years old
53 years old

Popular fourth-term incumbent and police ally. Key early Lightfoot supporter who later split. Former aide to Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart backed Vallas. Cracked down on (some) drunken tomfoolery at South Side Irish Parade. Longtime Special Olympics Chicago board member is married to CPS teacher.

Ward 20
Jeanette Taylor, 48 years old
48 years old

Democratic Socialist fought Lightfoot on Obama Presidential Center community benefits agreement with Woodlawn, settling on deal Taylor called “small step in the right direction.” Early supporter of Johnson, who took part in 2011 hunger strike Taylor led to save Dyett High School.

Ward 21
Ronnie Mosley, 31 years old
31 years old

Council’s youngest member was endorsed by the man he replaced, retiring Ald. Howard Brookins Jr., as well as the CTU and Pritzker. Longtime community organizer worked in Ald. Michelle Harris’ office and co-founded consulting firm.

Ward 22
Michael Rodriguez, 44 years old
44 years old

Progressive Caucus member pushed Lightfoot to release report on botched smokestack implosion that covered Little Village in dust. Supported Johnson in runoff, reelected with two-thirds of vote. Executive vice chair of county Democratic Party used to be executive officer in medical examiner’s office.

Ward 23
Silvana Tabares, 44 years old
44 years old

Former state representative was Madigan loyalist, before falling out. Police supporter who called for abolishment of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Appointee of former Mayor Rahm Emanuel, reelected in landslides. Was public radio reporter and community newspaper editor. Backed Vallas.

Ward 24
Monique Scott, 51 years old
51 years old

Former Chicago Park District supervisor was appointed by Lightfoot to replace younger brother, who left for private sector and later was appointed to Board of Education. Forced into runoff she won easily. Owned a Lincoln Park women’s clothing boutique. North Lawndale Eagles cheerleading coach.

Ward 25
Byron Sigcho-Lopez, 39 years old
39 years old

CTU-backed Democratic Socialist Caucus member previously ran Pilsen Alliance. Vocal Lightfoot critic took part in hunger strike to protest metal shredder General Iron’s move to Southeast Side. Early Johnson backer. Ecuador native founded bilingual adult education program at UIC, where he’s a PhD candidate.

Ward 26
Jessie Fuentes, 32 years old
32 years old

Community organizer won three-way race to replace retiring Ald. Roberto Maldonado, becoming ward’s youngest-ever leader and first woman and queer person to hold the seat. Policy and youth advocacy director at Puerto Rican Cultural Center. Former dean at Roberto Clemente Community Academy.

Ward 27
Walter Burnett, 59 years old
59 years old

Longest serving alderperson takes Ed Burke’s mantle as Council dean. Helped Lightfoot force through Bally’s casino deal. Fined for West Side two-flat deemed “public nuisance” due to drug activity. Protégé of retired Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White. Backed Lightfoot first, then Vallas in runoff.

Ward 28
Jason Ervin, 49 years old
49 years old

Black Caucus chair and another lead organizer of largely failed lame-duck Council power grab, still expected to come out winner as chair of powerful Budget Committee. Husband of City Treasurer Melissa Conyears-Ervin. CPA supported Lightfoot in February, Johnson in runoff.

Ward 29
Chris Taliaferro, 57 years old
57 years old

Former Chicago police sergeant acknowledged voters sent him a message in tight runoff race. Democratic committeeperson and Lightfoot ally who lost primary bid last summer for a Cook County Circuit judge seat. Former Marine sergeant is a practicing attorney.

Ward 30
Ruth Cruz, 39 years old
39 years old

Assistant director of admissions at Roosevelt University beat former U.S. Rep. Luis Gutiérrez’s daughter to replace retiring Ald. Ariel Reboyras, who held seat for two decades. Community rep on Foreman High School’s local school council. Volunteers in Avondale Restorative Justice Community Court.

Ward 31
Felix Cardona, 48 years old
48 years old

Ally of former Cook County Assessor Joe Berrios was reelected with 81% of vote. One of the biggest Council supporters of the Fraternal Order of Police. Backed U.S. Rep. Jesús G. "Chuy" García for mayor before shifting to Vallas in runoff.

Ward 32
Scott Waguespack, 52 years old
52 years old

Progressive Caucus member led coveted Finance Committee under Lightfoot, but expected to be scratched from leadership under Johnson after pushing Council’s lame-duck power grab. Voted against abhorred parking meter deal. Unopposed this cycle, rarely challenged since first narrow runoff win in 2007.

Ward 33
Rossana Rodriguez Sanchez, 44 years old
44 years old

Democratic Socialist Caucus member and CTU ally was an early Johnson supporter, easily winning reelection, unlike the nail-biter for her first term. Columbia College adviser is going for her master’s in social work at Northeastern Illinois University. Puerto Rican native identifies as queer.

Ward 34
Bill Conway, 45 years old
45 years old

Former prosecutor and billionaire’s son handily won new West Loop ward remapped from indicted retiring Ald. Carrie Austin’s old territory farther south. Lost 2020 Dem primary challenge to county State’s Attorney Kim Foxx. Navy veteran remains a reserve intelligence officer and teaches finance at DePaul.

Ward 35
Carlos Ramirez-Rosa, 34 years old
34 years old

Dean of Democratic Socialist Caucus, early Johnson supporter, poised for reward as Zoning Committee chair and mayor’s floor leader. One of first two openly gay Latino alderpersons with Lopez in 15th. Worked for former U.S. Rep. Luis Gutiérrez, Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights.

Ward 36
Gilbert Villegas, 52 years old
52 years old

Lightfoot’s former floor leader was forced into runoff. Chaired Latino Caucus. Lost Democratic congressional bid last summer. Marine veteran who served in Gulf War. Former chief of staff at Illinois Capital Development Board endorsed García for mayor, stayed out of mayoral runoff.

Ward 37
Emma Mitts, 67 years old
67 years old

Former Streets and Sanitation aide now third in Council seniority. Pushed for new West Garfield Park police and fire training academy. Arkansas native landed city’s first Walmart. Initially appointed by Daley, has faced little serious opposition since. Backed Lightfoot first, then Vallas in runoff.

Ward 38
Nicholas Sposato, 64 years old
64 years old

Retired firefighter and ex-Progressive Caucus member who has become one of Council’s most conservative voices. Former Lightfoot ally who fought her city worker COVID-19 vaccination reporting mandate and her removal of Christopher Columbus statues. Uses wheelchair due to multiple sclerosis. Backed Vallas.

Ward 39
Samantha Nugent, 46 years old
46 years old

Pushed ordinance reducing use of single-use plastic utensils, but environmentalists said it didn’t go far enough. Former chief of staff for Cook County Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management. Also worked for British Consulate and health care nonprofit. Vallas backer, reelected with two-thirds of vote.

Ward 40
Andre Vasquez, 43 years old
43 years old

A Democratic Socialist who was censured by party’s Chicago chapter after voting for Lightfoot’s 2020 budget proposal. Former battle rapper — stage name Prime, as in Optimus — and AT&T account manager. Supported García for mayor, backed Johnson in runoff. Reelected with 79% of vote.

Ward 41
Anthony Napolitano, 48 years old
48 years old

Former Chicago police officer-turned firefighter and a rare Council conservative. Pushed ordinance allowing cops to turn down excessive overtime, as department suffers rash of suicides. Former Lightfoot supporter who opposed her COVID vaccine reporting mandate. Easily reelected twice. Backed Vallas.

Ward 42
Brendan Reilly, 51 years old
51 years old

One-time Lightfoot ally who served as Council president pro tempore has blasted mayor’s Bally’s casino and NASCAR deals. Trying to crack down on drag racing street takeovers in downtown ward. Former Madigan staffer has never been opposed for reelection. Backed Vallas.

Ward 43
Timmy Knudsen, 32 years old
32 years old

First openly gay leader of affluent ward, won surprisingly close runoff for full term after appointment by Lightfoot. Raised campaign funds for her in 2019. Former corporate attorney chaired the Chicago Zoning Board of Appeals and appeared on episode of HGTV’s “House Hunters.”

Ward 44
Bennett Lawson, 44 years old
44 years old

Longtime chief of staff to retiring former Ald. Tom Tunney was unopposed in winning former boss’ seat. Loyola grad was also district director for former state Sen. Carol Ronen. Another new member of LGBT Caucus. Son of a Rockford schoolteacher. Backed Vallas.

Ward 45
James Gardiner, 47 years old
47 years old

Former firefighter won runoff for reelection despite scandal-plagued first term that saw an ex-aide charged with trying to sell a machine gun to a federal agent. Apologized to Council for misogynistic texts that also indicated he’d withhold ward services from perceived enemies.

Ward 46
Angela Clay, 32 years old
32 years old

CTU-backed community organizer knocked off Pritzker-endorsed opponent in runoff to replace retiring Ald. James Cappleman. Launched a racial justice alliance at age 14. Served as president of affordable housing nonprofit Voice of the People and Brennemann Elementary LSC member. Studied public policy at DePaul.

Ward 47
Matthew Martin, 39 years old
39 years old

Civil rights lawyer who worked for former Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan was uncontested for reelection. Progressive Caucus member and early Johnson supporter who’s pushing to root out far-right extremists in police department. Trained saxophonist studied jazz at Northwestern before earning Harvard law degree.

Ward 48
Leni Manaa-Hoppenworth, 53 years old
53 years old

First Filipino American Council member won runoff to replace retiring former Ald. Harry Osterman. Co-founder of progressive group Indivisible Illinois was backed by Johnson and others on the left. Identifies as queer. Licensed physical therapist, professional photographer and accomplished tango dancer.

Ward 49
Maria Hadden, 42 years old
42 years old

First Black, queer woman to serve in Council was reelected with nearly 74% of vote. Early Johnson backer pushed to make Juneteenth a city holiday. Apologized to firefighter’s union for aide’s “insensitive” Twitter takedown of Gardiner over a spat with his predecessor.

Ward 50
Debra Silverstein, 57 years old
57 years old

Former CPA and tax consultant cruised to reelection three times. Supports proposal requiring city workers to shovel snowy sidewalks when homeowners don’t. Democratic committeeperson who backed Vallas. Co-founded Libenu Foundation to find housing for Jewish adults with disabilities.